Thank you for your interest in submitting to IMPLIED. Here is some helpful information to get you started:

  • As reflected by the name of our magazine, we primarily feature implied nude images. We prefer such images in an artistic style - the kind you might find showcased in a gallery or hanging as artwork in your home. We welcome a wide variety of styles that reflect this guideline.
  • Although our main focus is on implied nudes, we are strong proponents of the #freethenipple movement and will consider images that do show the nipples. 
  • Images that we do not accept are any that portray graphic sexual acts, close ups of genitals, violence, mutiliation or anything similar. 
  • Initial submissions may be of lo-res quality and include watermarks for review; however, if accepted, we will ask for hi-res images (300 dpi) that would fit an 8x11 page or 17x11 two-page spread and that do not include watermarks.
  • Please submit at least 8 - 12 images, if not more, for review.  Having enough options to select is always helpful in our review.
  • All work submitted remains the intellectual property of the photographers; we simply request a release form for your permission to publish it, which you will receive upon approval of your submission.
  • MODELS: You are welcome to submit images (with proper credits), if you own the copyright. If not, please have your photographers submit directly for you.
  • WRITERS: We do welcome written submissions, as well. If you have work you'd like us to review, simply use the same form below for photographers, but instead of submitting a folder of images, just submit your written piece along with any images/video to support it.
  • We provide publishing credits for accepted submissions, and everyone involved with the creative team (i.e. photographers, models, etc.) will receive a complimentary digital edition of the issue in which they are featured. 

NOTE ABOUT INSTAGRAM: For those of you wondering how to get featured on our Instagram, just use the hashtag #impliedmagazine or tag us directly to get our attention for a chance to be reviewed. Please keep in mind that (1) images that have censorship graphics (e.g., star over nipples) aren't technically implied, and (2) we get a ton of worthy submissions daily, but we can only feature so many; that's a big reason why we post on our Story, as well. Our Story is also our way of putting more of an emphasis on the models themselves, whether the image is actually implied or not.

You may submit work for either our MAGAZINE or an ONLINE FEATURE on our website. Please use the boxes below to share your previously UNPUBLISHED work, which will be considered for a feature in our print/digital Magazine and/or an online feature on our website. NOTE: Work that was posted on your personal photography website and/or social media is acceptable, but please make that only a small portion of your submitted images.
Please provide link(s) to your Dropbox album(s) containing submitted images. Similar sharing services are acceptable (e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.).
Provide additional info you think may be helpful.