About Us

im┬Ěplied (adjective) - suggested but not directly expressed; implicit.

IMPLIED is all about featuring beautiful implied nude and glamour images from photographers all over the world. Our focus is on artistic, creative imagery that stimulate the imagination, while also promoting a body positive message about the human form and sexuality. 

Our magazine is available in digital & print versions, which are available for indidividual purchase or by subscription. The digital versions are available and optimized for all devices, including iOS, Android and Windows.


1. How can I submit for your magazine?

Just go to our Submissions page to send us your work for review.

2. How can I be featured on your Instagram and other social media?

Use the hashtag #impliedmagazine, or better yet, tag us directly in your images. We do receive hundreds of such tags daily, but we do our best to review them. Please keep in mind, though, that we can only post so many each day, and there are so many great images that could make the cut, but we just can't post them all. That's why we use our Story feature on our Instagram to feature more photos, but even then, it's impossible to feature every good image we receive. Just keep trying.

3. What do you look for in the images you feature?

Whether it's in our magazine or on our Instagram, we prefer images that are creative and artistic. We take into account the unique capture, the technical quality, the imagination, the appeal of the model, etc. Ultimately, the image has to have that little  something that gets our attention. 

4. Can I partner up with you to promote my personal brand or advertise my business?

Yes, if you're interested in premium options to promote your personal brand or to adveritise your product/service on our website or magazine, just write to us here.